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My name is Perry Hardison, welcome to perryhardisonweddings.com. as someone who worked wedding planner for more than a decade, I have plenty to say about weddings. I created this client focused blog to help readers from all round the world who want to find the most modern and useful information about their weddings.

First off, I would like to start by congratulating you for your engagement and wedding to come. Weddings and enjoyments are joyful, but can be a headache when it comes to planning. I understand how overwhelming it can be to plan a wedding, which is why I am here to help.

You can rely on this blog to give you expert advice as well as the beautiful wedding inspiration you will need to plan lifetime occasion.

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I pride myself in the diversity of my team. perryhardisonweddings.com Works with a team of wedding planners, coordinators, photographers, venue owners, and wedding vendors who put in time and effort to ensure you get the most current and useful information about planning and having a wedding.

Also, we have a team of writers, editors, researchers and other experts in the industry who ensure the content on this website is very well presented, easily accessible and has content that will inspire you to plan the perfect wedding.

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