A wedding is the second major life celebration after birth, and it marks a transition from singlehood to a life of marriage and childbearing. We must say that it sounds good, and it sure does feel good to be joined to the love of your life. So whether you are attending the wedding or whether you are the bride or groom how do you plan on making this day memorable apart from preserving the anniversary cake for one year.

Well, we have ideas for you, that you can either convert to a gift or use it to create durable memories. “The personalized prints,” ever thought of coming up with a durable wedding gift in the form of canvas prints, well we are sure that the last thing that can come to your mind when it comes to weddings are the personalized prints on canvas.  

So much thought is never given to the type of presents that we take to a wedding. People are thus used to furniture, dinner sets, and the like, but when you take a personalized print of the bride and groom then you might be the only one with the most unique gift.

Types of personalized prints for weddings

Metal prints- are frameless and exude sophistication, personalized metal prints, can be the home of your favorite wedding photos with pictures of the bride and groom, or between the couple and the family members. This type of personalized print is waterproof, durable, and most important is that it is scratch resistance, so you can expect it to remain new despite the passage of time.

Personalized acrylic prints- if you have been invited to a wedding and you are on a tight budget, how about you flex your printing muscles and come up with a beautiful portrait containing a message for the bride and groom. And remember with this option you are not limited and can even be creative and come up with beautiful flower images or print a previous photo of the couple.

Personalized glass prints- are very versatile, you only have to be careful not to break them, but they can very well be incorporated in your office table. A photo of your wedding day in your desk will definitely brighten your day; the artwork can also be displayed on the floating shelves in your home or in your bedroom. As we said earlier, marriage is a life celebration and one moment that will be cherished forever.

Personalized art prints- well, this one’s work best when embedded with the couple’s vows. Most couples nowadays come up with their unique vows that they keep referring to during the anniversaries. You can, therefore, have the vows printed out on a personalized art print and then beautifully displayed on the wall, shelf, or mantle the choice is yours. Have the professionals add some bit of color to the art print so that it can capture the attention of your guests and house dwellers.

Personalized canvas prints- don’t hide your honeymoon pictures rather, have them printed on canvas, after all, they are part of the wedding and you can beautifully display them in your living room.