Weddings are definitely joyful occasions but they are a paint in the neck when it comes to planning them. Thankfully, you can hire a wedding coordinator and save a lot of time, energy and eventually some cash.

Here are the pro and cons of hiring a wedding planner

They are experienced

High chances are you have never planned a wedding before that, and if you have you probably had to deal with one thing alone. There are endless details when it comes to planning a wedding. Wedding planners will make the process easier for you. since they have done this before, they can help you unravel all the details and everything else you may overlook. They can also help you make you set a better budget and make the most out of it.

Knowledge of the local market

Some people like to host their weddings in exotic places in towns of countries where they do not live. This can be a little bit difficult especially because you know nothing about the place. Even if you do, they know so much better.

Wedding planners are full time, which mean they are always on the know about the venues and vendors in that location. you can be sure that they are always researching and networking vendor, prices and more even when working with different clients. This means they have some of the best and cost-effective vendors on speed dial when you need them.  For instance, if you have no way of getting a good photographer, you won’t have to worry about it when you hire a wedding planner.

You pay them to save time

One of the main reasons to hire a wedding planner is this. Wedding planning takes up your time, and can mess up with your daily home and work schedule. When the planner takes over, all you have to do is approve the decisions they make. You pay them so they can chase down all the details while staying in contact with you.

They will take care of everything that goes wrong

If anything goes wrong during the wedding or reception, the guest, bridal party or you will not have to leave your chairs to take car of it when you have a wedding planner.

 Here are the cons of hiring one

You have to give up some degree of control on the wedding

This is one of the hardest parts of hiring a wedding planner. It can be a little difficult to give them control of your plans especially because, it is your wedding. You have to turn over all details and most responsibility to the wedding planner and hope everything goes well and on time.  Here is where honesty, communication and decision making come into play. Thankfully, mot wedding planners work within the interest of the client.

Additional cost

While planners can save you money in your wedding activities, vendors, location and more; they do come with a cost. Thankfully, you can get a coordinator who does part of the planning and save on the cost by doing some of the planning yourself.